Instructions for use

How to apply OlivaFix Gold?

1. Before applying the cream, clean your denture as usual.

2. Remove the metallic seal from the nozzle of the tube.

3. Apply the cream on a dry denture as shown in the picture. Olive oil gives the cream a unique consistency in comparison to petrolatum based denture creams. If you have been a regular user of a petrolatum based denture cream, it can take up to one week or more to adjust to OlivaFix Gold.
IMPORTANT: Do not be afraid to adjust the quantity of cream to achieve your ideal holding time. Lower dentures can be more difficult to hold in place. If this is the case, re-apply the cream based on your individual needs.

4. Gently humidify your denture with water before placing it in your mouth. If you suffer from a dry mouth, also drink a sip of water to humidify the gums. The moisture in your mouth and on your denture will activate the cream.
Important: Apply cream on dry denture and humidify denture after application of cream.

5. Place the denture in your mouth and gently bite together for a few seconds. Wait 5 minutes before drinking or eating.

NB: If you notice some oily residues when pressing the cream out of the tube, do not worry as this is a normal occurance from a natural oil based cream. Immediately close the tube and knead it for 10-30 seconds before reuse.

Useful information

If cream residues remain on your denture or your gums after removal of the denture, use a clean paper towel to wipe the cream residue away.


Do not expose the tube to sources of heat or direct sunlight. Due to the natural organic olive oil formulation, the product can be sensitive when stored incorrectly. If your cream has been exposed to heat sources over time, it may harden in the tube. If this happens, place the tube in a glass of hot water and let it soak for approx. 1 minute. Make sure to place the tube with the cap facing upwards and that the tube body, excluding the cap, is fully submerged. Remove the tube and massage it for about 30 seconds and then run the tube under cold water whilst massaging it for a further 30 seconds. This should soften the cream.


Do not use product if tube nozzle is unsealed. Use the product according to instructions for use. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if there is a known sensitivity or allergy to one of the ingredients. If you are taking medication that may affect your gums or oral cavity, consult a dentist before using the product. In the event of gum irritation or soreness, discontinue use and consult your dentist if necessary. Pain and discomfort of the gums can also be caused by ill-fitting or broken dentures therefore it is important to consult your dentist on a regular basis. Store dry and at room temperature.