Is OlivaFix Gold expensive

Is OlivaFix® Gold expensive ?

The first 24h healthy denture adhesive cream

OlivaFix Gold Healthy Denture Adhesive Cream Box

We will explain to you what you are getting

OlivaFix Gold 1 Tube of 75g Can Last 60 Days

a 75g (2.65 Oz) tube costs $20 = $0.33 per day

less than a coffee …

Focus on innovation, quality & keeping the user in mind

We are a small but highly innovative company competing in a market dominated by big multi-billion dollar companies. These companies drive prices down on everyday products. What we have chosen to do instead is to put all our energy into developing a unique and highly specialized product that make a real difference to people’s lives.​

For us to continue serving customers with OlivaFix® Gold there is a cost. Instead of having industrial production lines focused on delivering high volume at low prices, we are equipped with specilized machinery to make the next generation of denture adhesive creams money can buy. Each batch is made in our factory in Switzerland and undergoes specific testing to ensure that you are buying the best.​

In addition, it took us 6 years to develop the OlivaFix® Gold. Instead of focusing on a standard petrolatum based denture adhesive we deliberately took the decision to pursue this lengthy and costly project hoping that one day it will come to you, the user. In the end we have a denture adhesive based on Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil which offers a healthier alternative to existing denture adhesive creams. (Read more about Petrolatum here)​

The $38 tube enables us to continue developing such high quality product by a small team of like-minded individuals committed to providing you the best of the best.​

This text is not to convince you to buy the product, but rather to offer our humble explanation as to why some people, including yourself, might find this product expensive. This is our commitment to you.

The reality of advertising

The reality today is that companies pump millions into aggressive advertising which sometimes makes it hard for the consumer to see where the real innovation is. This simple text is our attempt to stand out in this highly competitive market and hope that our product can touch your lives.