null Richard

I would like to commend you on the quality of your product, your customer support, your fast shipping and last but not least your packaging. I’ve been a customer for quite some time now and will continue to be. I’ve never compared products or shopped for price because I’m totally pleased.

null Emily

This is the only adhesive I’ve tried that the bond gets stronger as the day goes on. It really does last all day. Also does not leave a gooey mess on removal. Denture is easy to clean. So right now this is my favourite adhesive.

null Rose

I was surprised on how well this worked. I have tried many different kinds of Denture Adhesives and was using only Poly Dent Powder and Sure Adhesive. Decided to try this and I am sold. Definitely the most comfortable and longest lasting. I reordered.

null Sally

I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to be able to get my top dentures out there was such holding power and I only put a small amount to test its holding power without a lot on it and believe me it did hold them in all day until I took them out to clean at bedtime. I didn’t get any of it push out of the dentures into my mouth which was a big plus but the the holding power is everything they say it is. It is expensive but it goes much further then anything I’ve ever purchased from Walmart.

null Elvis

Freaking Amazing!!!! Great taste and holds better than anything else !

null Leslye

By cons against this product I order it for my father-in-law and he seems very happy and does not want to change it, that’s it.

null Donald

This product is miles better than anything else on the market, giving hold all day. The majority of products of this type only give hold in hours for the upper fixings, when bottom fixings are also used and it lasts less than the time stated.

null Pamela

This is a fantastic product that I can say “it does what it says it will do” I would recommend this as its the best I have used.

null Steve

This is a very good product and i will be ordering it again. it is 24h and has no bad taste.

null Sandra

I’ve had this a few times now ”so this tells you something ‘Super strong’ ? it does hold” I say “eat light food soft” No hot drinks And it will hold all day and I like its tasteless.

null Carol

Have been using this product for about a month now .it does what it says .very impressed with it.

null Paul

This product is great lasts a lot longer than the other denture glues i have used , it also cushions and cleans off easy no scrubbing to get it off.

null Jean-Pierre

I do highly recommend this fixative cream since it’s made up with organic ingredients.

null Lisa

Since the moment that I have discovered this denture cream I haven’t found another one similar to it.


Excellent product. The only one that do not cause stomach aches. I do highly recommend it.

null Elizabeth

while the moment that I was looking for a product with a non-chemical composition, I have found OlivaFix Gold, a very good quality.

null Myriam

A good organic product with a quality that offers a long holding period to the denture. I highly recommend it.