Denture Relining Cushion



The Denture Relining Cushion is a product for ill-fitting dentures. While the shape of the denture remains static over time, the gums are continually changing shape. This can lead to a misalignment between the dentures and the gums, which can be a source of pain and discomfort. The Denture Relining Cushion acts like an adjustable soft layer between the denture and the gums creating a buffer, cushion like effect between them, giving the user a perfect fit for up to 30 days whilst still maintaining its soft consistency.

  • Improves fit and comfort of dentures by creating an exact copy of the upper and lower gum
  • Relieves painful pressure spots and sore gums
  • Includes a Separator liquid allowing for easy removal of the relining cushion
  • Product does not come off the denture while eating or drinking
  • Provides a vacuum grip
  • The denture can be taken out at any time for cleaning

Use for complete acrylic dentures only – not suitable for metal dentures.