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Denture Repair: Why It’s Necessary and How It’s Done

Denture Repair Why It’s Necessary and How It’s Done

Dentures are like any other appliance and need to be repaired whenever required. Dentures are made of artificial materials like polymers (for the base) and porcelain (for the teeth). All these materials are subject to wear and tear and get eroded after some years of usage. The older your denture gets, the more the chances for repair and replacement.

What Causes Damage to Dentures?

Ill-fitting dentures can be relined to fit the oral cavity that may have changed in structure due to bone resorption and erosion of the gums. Ill-fitting dentures need to be fixed immediately as they cause them to crack, making them useless. When pressure is put on ill-fitting dentures while biting and chewing the micro-pressure in specific areas causes minor fractures that can develop into full blown cracks.

Denture wearers may inadvertently bite into hard foodstuffs like nuts or seeds, which puts more pressure on a specific area, resulting in micro cracks. Some of the elderly may drop their dentures while handling, and the impact can cause fractures or even cause the teeth to crack or chip. It is not possible to repair such chipped false teeth and the wearer may have to go for a new set of dentures. It is better to consult your dentist who is the best judge. If the metal clasp that holds the denture in your mouth gets damaged, the denture should not be used. Again, check with your dentist to find out how best to restore such dentures.

Can False Teeth Be Repaired?

It is a lucky thing for denture wearers that most of the types of material used in making dentures can be repaired. One major aspect of denture repair is relining. This is done when the structure of the oral cavity changes due to bone resorption or gum loss due to erosion. Shrinking of the palate can cause the dentures to loosen, and relining helps repair such dentures, making them wearable.

The trick lies in fixing your dentures as soon as they start loosening. If the damaged or unsuitable dentures are used for too long they can cause damage to the gums and become completely useless and are beyond repair.

How to Fix Broken Dentures at Home?

The obvious thing to do first is to visit your dentist. You may want to call him first and explain the situation before walking into his office to have the denture evaluated for damages. Attempting to repair the denture on your own at home is not advisable.

However, if you have a denture repair kit or some denture repair glue, you need to follow the instructions to carry out some temporary repairs. Most of the local drug stores sell denture repair kits and getting one makes sense. Some kits do have spare teeth and denture adhesive paste that can be used to fix your dentures at home.

Remember that it saves you a lot of trouble if you can handle your dentures with care and prevent accidental drops. The best quality dentures can break on impact and are subject to wear and tear over time. Cleaning your dentures regularly helps extend the life and ensures good oral hygiene as well.

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