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7 Things You Should Know About Denture Care

7 Things You Should Know About Denture Care

Dentures are the ideal solution to make up for the loss of real teeth. A new set of dentures can help you regain your self-confidence and your attractive smile. However, your false teeth too require care to avoid damage to them. Read on to discover seven important facts that will help you keep your dentures in perfect condition.

1. Clean Dentures with Care

Dentures require proper care to be fully functional. Clean your dentures at least twice a day. If not, it will cause infections or inflammation of the gums.

Though it is important to frequently clean your new set of false teeth, you need to do it in the right manner. The first step is to carefully remove any food residue by brushing your dentures. Then you need to soak them in a dissolvable cleaner. Make sure that you are gentle with your dentures while you clean them to avoid creating dents on it. Also, make sure all bacteria are entirely removed.

2. Avoid Things that Can Damage Dentures

Denture cleaners are not enough to protect dentures from damage. Potent cleaners can damage your dentures if they have a soft lining. So ensure your cleaner is safe for soft linings. Never use any bleaching products on dentures.

3. Ensure your Dentures Don’t Stain

Drinking caffeinated products like tea and coffee can cause staining. Once your dentures get stained, you will need to contact your dentist for a professional cleaning. You have to avoid food and drinks that are hazardous for your new dentures.

4. Know your Problems with a New Set of Dentures

Sometimes a new set of dentures might cause problems like pain or bad breath. Other times, dentures will refuse to position properly and are unsettled often. If they are not fixed properly in your gums, there is a chance that food gets stuck between them, which may lead to infections. So contact your dentist as soon as possible whenever you face any of the above problems.

5. Don’t Be a Doctor Yourself

Never repair your false teeth by yourself. If clasps or metal attachments are bent often, they will weaken and lose their purpose. You may find some over-the-counter advertisements to lessen the damage but it cannot be reversed. So it is wise to get help from a professional for repairs to your dentures. You can use a healthy denture adhesive cream like OlivaFix Gold, which is one of the best denture adhesive cream to hold the denture in place for up to 24 hours.

6. Follow a night care routine

The night is more important than the day if you have new dentures. You must remove them before going to sleep to avoid a yeast infection. Soak your dentures in a cleaner solution to keep them from becoming warped or cracked.

7. Proper Hygiene Should be your First Concern

Visit your dentist regularly because regular inspection of your false teeth and check-ups can help prevent the build-up of tartar. So don’t hesitate to always take full denture care.

Caring for dentures is easy. All the above points will help you care for your new dentures efficiently. Follow your dentist’s advice and go for regular checkups to retain your dentures in perfect shape.