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5 Tips to Get Used to Your New Dentures

5 Tips To Get Used To Your New Dentures

Losing your real teeth and getting a false set isn’t a pleasant thought. However, under such circumstances, a pair of new dentures is the only alternative. You’ll need to be fitted with partial dentures or full dentures based on your dentist’s evaluation.

There are permanent, and natural-looking dentures available in the market that can put back the smile on your face. Also, eating need not be an ordeal anymore. While temporary dentures and snap-on dentures are options, a pair of permanent dentures offers a lasting solution. However, adjusting to new dentures can take some time and here are 5 tips that will make life livable with your new dentures:

Eating with new dentures

The primary concern most people have is, “How do I eat in public with new dentures?” Such concerns are perfectly justified because it takes time to get used to new dentures. Your new dentures need to fit perfectly onto your gums. Dentists use denture paste to help you get that snug feeling with your new dentures. You get a comfortable feeling while eating when your new dentures are fixed in position with OlivaFix Gold, a zinc-free denture paste.

Speaking with dentures on

It’s not just eating, people are worried about speaking while wearing dentures. Just like with eating, the solution to speaking with dentures on lies in practicing. You may want to experiment at home in front of the mirror. You can also consider reading out loud to a family member or to yourself. It all depends on how fast and well you adjust to your new dentures.

Maintaining your dentures

Although they are artificial, your dentures need to be maintained properly. Just as with natural teeth, food particles can get stuck in your dentures. You need to clean your dentures regularly so that your gums are well-protected. Gentle brushing and thorough rinsing are prescribed to prevent sores. Do keep visiting your dentist regularly (despite the false teeth) as your dentures need to be adjusted periodically. Your gums and tissues also need to be examined and evaluated.

Wearing dentures during the break-in period

Wear your dentures as recommended by your dentist. Wearing your dentures continuously during the break-in period can cause sore gums. Wear them for a few hours (as per dentist’s advice) and permanently only after you get used to them.

Don’t discard your dentures

It is not a good idea to discard your dentures just because you have trouble wearing them. If they tend to slip off or cause sore spots in your gums, do visit your dentist immediately. He or she will adjust your dentures accordingly. It is common to experience denture discomfort during the break-in period and being patient is the only option you have.