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What Is Denture Adhesive And The Need For It

What Is Denture Adhesive And The Need For It

Dentures are a form of cosmetic dentistry done to replace number of missing tooth due to old age or an accident. They are removed every night before going to bed. Over time, they may become loose with changes in gum tissue after the removal of natural tooth.

If the denture set is fixed after surgery, you may need denture adhesive for some time until you are comfortable with your new dentures. It can improve how your denture can fit in your mouth. If your denture feels fine, you may not need denture fixative cream, but some people will use it to keep their denture secure.

What is Denture Adhesive?

Denture adhesive is a gentle and water-soluble substance based between the denture and the gums. It is applied to forbid the dentures from setting off during your regular activities such as talking, chewing, laughing, etc.

It permeates gaps made by shrinking bone and provides temporary relaxation from detaching dentures. These adhesives are obtainable in assorted forms like powders, pastes, and pads. All of these help the denture stay in place without fatiguing.

Different types of Denture Adhesives

Denture Adhesives are purchasable in several forms including paste or cream, powders, and pads. The paste and the cream is the most widely used form of the adhesive. It is easy to apply and builds a secure bond. The adhesive can be used either for wet or dry denture.

The denture powder, on the other hand, requires it to be mixed with water, as per the manufacturer’s advice, or a thin layer of the powder can be showered on the surface of the denture while wet to fix. The residue of denture powder is easy to clean and doesn’t ooze.

The denture pads are pre-cut shapes that needs pruning to adapt. It is enjoined to the dentures with the sticky side. They are easy to use but comes with a high-price. The pad is moistened before placing it between the denture and the gums.

The Need for Denture Adhesives

During the first few days, wearing dentures feels insecure and uncomfortable when participating in regular activities. Using denture adhesive offers support and relaxation, it secures dentures by averting food grains from getting stuck between the gums and the dentures.

Usually, in the beginning, people may find it hard to utter some difficult words. With adhesive, they can talk and laugh comfortably. To conclude, they help you to get accustomed to the new dentures from the beginning.

How to tell if you need Denture Adhesive

A denture that comes off often is a source of worry, in a social setting, and it could be embarrassing. Experiencing unsteadiness of the denture set, and any hindrance using a denture, sets in the requirement to use adhesives. It keeps you confident while going through routine activities.

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