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How to Select the Best Denture Adhesive

How To Select The Best Denture Adhesive

Dentures can last quite long enough, provided the underlying bone is strong enough to support the dentures and keep them stable. The traditional clip-on dentures are good though they tend to become loose and need to be readjusted ever so often. Moreover, they tend to be an additional strain on the bone. Today, close to 35% of the denture wearers have started using denture adhesive or some denture fixative cream to keep their dentures in position.

What is Denture Adhesive?

Denture, as we all know is an artificial frame that helps hold a tooth or set of teeth in position to replace lost teeth. The replacement of a single tooth is known as partial denture, in some unfortunate cases the complete set of teeth is lost, leading to the need to replace all, which is known as complete denture. Adhesive is a substance used to hold anything in place firmly. Denture adhesives are formulated to be water soluble and are made from non-toxic materials. Using denture adhesive can give a comfortable feel while biting, chewing and eating.

Use only Zinc-free Denture Adhesive Cream

A word of caution for those who are switching to false teeth adhesive: Make sure that the denture cream you use is Zinc-free. Although Zinc is found in natural foods like shellfish, chicken and beef, only a small quantity of Zinc is good for the body. According to an FDA release, extensive usage of denture adhesive that contains Zinc can do more harm than good. Excessive absorption of zinc into the system can cause nerve damage, with the hands and feet being most prone to damage.

Advantages of Denture Cream

The major advantage in using a safe Zinc-free denture adhesive like Olivafix Gold is that it does away with the need to use steel wires that are commonly used in traditional dentures. Apart from protecting your gums, you have the feel-good factor and the comfort while chewing and eating. Moreover, fixing your dentures with a denture cream gives a natural look and helps avoid the tell-tale “denture look” associated with traditional dentures. The best probable reason why you should switch to a safe Zinc-free denture adhesive is that you don’t have to keep removing your dentures while going to bed, nor do you have to be embarrassed that they’ll fall out without warning.

Natural Denture Adhesive

You need to be wary of what you put in your mouth. Make sure that you choose an organic, zinc-free denture adhesive like Olivafix Gold that is one of the safest and most trusted dental creams available in the market. You need a denture adhesive that is very strong, yet does not cause any damage to the soft tissue lining your gums. Olivafix Gold fits the bill perfectly, and what’s more is it is as per FDA standards, which are very particular about any dental adhesive being zinc-free as zinc causes nerve damage, especially to the extremities. Moreover, Olivafix Gold is free of any petrochemicals that are abundantly found in most other denture creams in the market today.

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