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Denture Adhesive And Zinc Threat

Denture Adhesive And Zinc Threat

A denture adhesive is the viscous substance used to affix the denture and the gums to thwart them from disintegrating. A variety of denture adhesives are available in the market. It includes paste or cream, powders, and pads. A perfectly fitting denture doesn’t necessitate the use of denture adhesive.

In time, reduction in bone structure loosens the dentures. During that phase, the denture could be mended or new dentures can be used. Denture adhesives fill the gaps and delivers relief from loosening dentures.

Zinc Threat From Denture Adhesive

Few denture adhesives include Zinc to strengthen adhesion. Zinc is an essential supplement for good health. It is attainable in protein-rich foods such as chicken, beef, shellfish and nuts. Excessive usage of Zinc i.e., denture adhesive containing Zinc along with a diet that includes Zinc and other sources can lead to too much of Zinc in body.

Not all denture creams list their ingredients and not all of them are Zinc-free adhesives. Stop using the denture fixative cream if you experience numbness or tingling in the extremities. It is important for a denture wearer to speak to the dental specialist to seek his/her advice for the usage of denture fixative cream including the amount to use and type of adhesive to use.

An excessive amount of Zinc usage can lead to problems such as numbness and tingling in the fingers and toes which at a later stage causes nerve damage. People can also suffer from neurological damage due to needless use of denture adhesive.

Zinc Poisoning Due to Long-Term Denture Adhesive Use

Denture cream cannot be used on a long-term basis. Signs of illness begins with insensibility and movement difficulty affecting the feet and legs. This quickly advances to the arms, and victims begin losing their sensibility.

It can also result in bone marrow suppression, low count of white and red blood cells, including the platelets. Some of them who have used a denture cream containing Zinc for a long-term have developed neurological problems and for most of them, it has resulted in impairments.

Zinc-Free Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives are available in various forms like paste or cream, powders, and pads. OlivaFix Gold is a denture fixative cream which has organic ingredients. Olivafix Gold is the most trustworthy denture adhesive in the market because it provides a firm hold on the upper and lower dentures for up to 24 hours. Its long hold time helps in regular activities such as talking, chewing, laughing, etc.

It has 35% organic Olive oil. The Olivafix neutral-tasting denture cream has a silky texture that develops a protective film over the gums. It is a Swiss made zinc-free denture adhesive with no petrochemicals and is one of the healthiest denture adhesive available in market.

Using Denture Adhesive

  1. Do not use more adhesive cream than recommended.
  2. Always use small amount of adhesive.
  3. Track the usage of denture adhesive cream by marking your calendar which includes the day when you started off with a new tube and the day tube is empty.