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How long after getting Dentures can I Start Using Adhesive?

How long after getting Dentures can I Start Using Adhesive?

Have you been struggling because of your missing teeth and become a recluse? Do you no longer have a choice while eating certain foodstuffs? It’s time you replaced your missing natural teeth with partial or complete dentures. It is easy to get fitted out by your dentist for new dentures and you’ll get used to it sooner than you imagined.

Once you have your new dentures start using them instead of storing them in your bathroom cabinet as some people do. If you have difficulty using clip-on dentures you should think of using denture paste that will help you fix your dentures firmly in place. Denture adhesives are available in a paste form and as gels, creams or powders and are quite easy to use.

What’s denture adhesive?

Before thinking about the best time to start using denture adhesive, you need to first know something about it. Denture adhesive is a paste, cream or powder that is applied on the bottom side of your dentures that come in direct contact with your gum tissue. Denture adhesive does away with the need to use wire clips that are cumbersome and cause constant friction in the mouth. Denture paste is placed in between the gum tissue and the denture to hold it in place firmly.

Why do you need to use denture adhesive?

It all depends on how your new dentures fit in your mouth. Some people have no difficulty with their new dentures as they almost feel like natural teeth. However, for most other people, dentures cause problems as they tend to loosen and either slip away causing embarrassment, or cause difficulty and discomfort while chewing.

In such cases, the sooner you start using a good quality denture paste, the better. Make sure you select an organic denture paste that is free of zinc as it is very harmful for the body. Moreover, the denture paste that you use should be free of petrochemicals as they are toxic in nature and can do more harm than good.

How long to wait before using adhesive on denture?

You can’t use denture paste soon after extraction of your tooth or teeth. Remember that denture paste is not meant to stick back your natural tooth that has fallen out. You need to first get fitted out for your dentures by your dentist. Once the trials are over and the dentist says that you can start wearing your dentures, you may start using the paste to fix your denture in place. However, it is better to take the advice of your dentist before using denture paste, as he or she is the best person to guide you. Once you’ve got the knack of using denture paste you can do it yourself at home because it’s as easy as that to use denture fixative cream to keep your false teeth firmly in position.

How does denture paste work?

It works on a simple principle. Denture paste is like cement and once it comes in contact with saliva in your mouth it starts setting. Within a few minutes it binds your denture to your gum tissue, holding it firmly in position for as long as a day or more. Saliva reacts with the denture paste and makes it strong and helps it set quickly. To be on the safe side, read the instructions carefully before using the denture fixative cream.