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How To Use OlivaFix Gold Denture Adhesive

How To Use OlivaFix Gold Denture Adhesive

It may be a little unnerving to begin life with dentures, but the longing to have a dazzling smile and enhanced appearance eclipse the discomfort eventually. Dentures, substitutes to the damaged natural teeth, require an intensive procedure to be set inside the mouth.

Dentures require thorough care and regular oral hygiene to last long. Amongst several measures undertaken to maintain their longevity, one is safeguarding the gums and mouth from the routine application of denture adhesive or denture fixative cream.

OlivaFix Gold Denture Adhesive

OlivaFix Gold denture fixative cream is a non-chemically formulated solution with 35% Olive oil to hold the dentures firmly in their place. The denture cream invigorates the tissues in the mouth by being applied in the gaps and stimulates the physiological forces that hold dentures aptly after being coated with denture paste.

How to apply Denture Adhesive Cream

The feeling of perpetual anxiety residing in people with dentures wears off when they become accustomed to the routine uncomplicated procedure. Prerequisite to fitting the dentures with denture fixative cream is their being completely dry and free of any food debris.

The procedure requires to be performed daily. Before application, the tube containing the denture adhesive should be kneaded to pre-mix. The next in line is warming the denture paste mildly to facilitate its free flow on the dentures.

Carry forward the process by rubbing the denture cream lightly on the dentures in small circular motions. Avoid applying the denture cream close to the edge of the dentures. Fix the dentures in place after application of adequately required denture adhesive.

Application of denture fixative cream requires caution and systemic precision in terms of quantity. Too much denture adhesive can ooze out when dentures are fixed and harm the gums, causing problems in placing the dentures too.

The denture fixative cream has the ability to hold dentures for 24 hours. They provide ease of application and effortless placement of dentures inside the mouth. After a long day, the dentures require to be removed from the mouth, to be soaked overnight.

How to remove Denture Adhesive Cream

Extreme forethought is vital in both application and removal of denture adhesives. After removing the dentures delicately without damaging them, it is mandatory to clean the dentures in a lukewarm water solution and remove loose particles or any tartar from them with a soft-bristled brush.

Thereafter, to eliminate all remains of denture fixative cream from the mouth, the appropriate procedure is:

  • Gently brush away any residue of dental cream from the tongue, gums, palate and mouth. This practice is crucial else remains of adhesive might pose problems when the dentures are fitted.

  • Lightly rub off any residue of denture cream with a cotton ball of olive oil.

  • Thoroughly wash your mouth underwater to cleanse away any remaining adhesive. This will ensure protection to the gums and the palette.

Atypical Attributes of OlivaFix Gold:

  • Natural and chemical free with no zinc and petrolatum
  • More than 35% olive oil composition
  • Protective covering over the gums
  • Enables longer retention
  • Better in taste than chemical-based denture paste