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How to Clean Your Dentures?

How to Clean Your Dentures

Dentures, the false teeth providing a smile to those millions of people who lose their natural teeth owing to an injury or natural causes are analogous to natural teeth when it comes to meticulous protection. Being easily susceptible to stains, debris, and plaque, denture care involves immaculateness and forethought by the person with dentures.

Denture care

Partial or permanent dentures require elaborate care to last long and radiant. Quality denture care necessitates:

Removal of food debris from dentures:

Dentures hold onto food debris while eating meals. It is essential to remove it to ensure longevity. Once you finish eating, rinse your dentures under running water and remove all the loose particles accumulated on them. Brush your dentures daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Removal of denture adhesive off gums:

When dentures are set, the gums are left with some remnants of the adhesive used during the implant process. It is essential to take a soft toothbrush and remove the denture adhesive as well as clean the mouth, gums, tongue thoroughly.

Handling of dentures with delicateness:

While removing and cleaning new dentures, it is essential to handle them with caution so that their plastic or clasp does not bend and become damaged.

Keeping dentures moist:

Dentures shape best when moist. Thus, it is advisable to keep them soaked in water overnight. Put them back in the mouth after wholly rinsing off the solution they were soaked in overnight.

Visiting your dentist regularly:

Visiting a dentist regularly would ensure periodical examination and professional cleanliness of the dentures. Moreover, any discomfort or soreness observed in the dentures can be removed by visiting the dentist, thus ensuring complete denture care.

Tips to clean your dentures

To hold your resplendent smile, partial or permanent denture care involves an uncluttered process very much like the brushing process every morning:

Immerse your false teeth in lukewarm water:

Take mild warm water and mix a denture cleansing tablet in it. The quantity of the water should be such that dentures comfortably settle in it. Remove your dentures with caution and soak them in the prepared solution. This soaking process helps in clearing away the debris stuck in the new dentures, from where the bristles of a toothbrush could not remove them.

Lightly brush your dentures with soft toothbrush:

After completing the first step move on to the next step, i.e. take a soft toothbrush and lightly scrub out the remaining debris on the dentures, immersed in the solution. It is mandatory that the brush and toothpaste used to clean the false teeth daily are formulated especially for denture care.

Wash off your dentures under running water:

After having removed the debris and delicately having brushed the dentures, it is essential that they are rinsed intensely under running water. Following a stringent denture cleaning process would certainly go a long way in helping you to smile without any apprehensions.

Insistently stay clear of:

  • Hot water
  • Peroxide-containing toothpaste
  • Mordant and bleach containing cleansing products