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Dealing with Denture Pain and Sores

Dealing with Denture Pain and Sores

Dentures make a good replacement for lost natural teeth. Dentures, also popularly known as false teeth can either be partial (replacing a tooth or two) or complete (many teeth or the complete set). Although dentures are a good substitute for natural teeth they are known to cause pain and a great deal of discomfort. Prolonged use of dentures can cause sores because of friction caused by clip-on dentures.

How can I relieve denture pain?

This is a question most denture users ask and there are several quick remedies, though most are temporary in nature. Applying an oral pain relief gel or cream can give some relief. But you must remove your denture to do that, which may cause a bit of discomfort. A suitable alternative to this would be to replace clip-on dentures with dentures that are fixed using a denture adhesive.

A salt water gargle is an age-old home remedy that has been prescribed for sores and infections in the mouth. Simply add a teaspoon of common salt to a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth after removing your dentures. Allow the salt water solution to linger in your mouth for half a minute or so before putting back your dentures on.

It is proven that Aloe Vera gel is a very effective natural remedy with no side effects. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial that helps treat the sores and offers relief from the pain.  Try to use natural Aloe Vera gel, which can be extracted from a live plant quite easily.

Removing your dentures periodically and massaging the gums gently helps enhance blood circulation in the area. This helps reduce swelling in the gums caused by oral sores. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before massaging your gums.

Don’t forget to remove your dentures before retiring to bed. Leaving the clip-on dentures on while sleeping can cause friction and result in sores that cause pain in the morning. Moreover, with dentures on the entire day, removing them at night gives some relief as the pressure on the gums is reduced.

You can also try using any of the over-the-counter pain killer drugs to get relief from the pain. Such drugs can give relief from the pain but do not offer a permanent solution for the sores. Prolonged use of drugs is not recommended without advice from your dentist.

Using Denture Adhesive

It makes sense to use an excellent quality denture adhesive as there are many benefits. Apart from the feel-good factor and the comfort you get by using dental adhesive to fix your dentures, you can be free of the pain and discomfort associated with clip-on dentures. While choosing your dental adhesive, be sure that you choose a Zinc-free adhesive like OlivaFix Gold, which is free from toxic substances and does not contain Zinc or other petrochemicals.

Clip-on dentures tend to loosen frequently and need to be adjusted. A loose denture is one of the primary reasons for getting dental sores, which can be prevented by switching to dental adhesive. It is easy to use and offers comfort while biting, chewing and eating food.