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How Will I Look with Dentures?

How Will I Look With Dentures

When you lose a couple of teeth and need to go in for dentures the question that haunts you most is “how will I look with Dentures?” To be honest, dentures will certainly alter the way you look. If you are already wearing dentures and wish to make some adjustments in the fitting to enhance your looks, you need to speak to your dentist who is the best person to advise you. He or she will make an assessment and discuss the possible changes and give you an idea of what to expect after the changes are made.

For first-time denture wearers it is important to have images of your original teeth and the structure of your oral cavity. The size of your original teeth, the shape, the tiny gaps in between them and the color will all be considered while the new dentures are made in the laboratory. You can even tell your dentist how you wish your face should look with a smile and your teeth will be made accordingly. Utmost care is taken to ensure that originality is maintained so that any people you meet won’t have a clue about the new dentures you are wearing.

Getting the Perfect Fit with Dentures

While most people adjust to their new dentures quickly, it takes more time with some others, who will feel some discomfort initially. Your dentist will take extreme care to ensure that your new false teeth fit perfectly in your mouth. Initially, some adjustments may be required and after 2 to 3 visits you should have perfectly fitting dentures.

Getting the Right Color with Dentures

It is important that your new false teeth match the remaining natural ones. Not just in the shape and size, but in the color and shade as well. Most natural teeth yellow with age and it does not make sense to get snow-white dentures as it will be a mismatch. It is better to have images of your natural teeth to help the dentist get the right shade with your dentures.

Maintaining Dentures

If you want to look good with your dentures on you need to take care of your dentures and maintain them in good condition. Cleaning your dentures daily just the way you do it with your natural teeth helps maintain it hygienically. Regular cleaning also helps in maintaining the original color. It is better to use the cleaning materials and methods suggested by your dentist. Regular cleaning also helps prevent bad breath, popularly known as denture breath in dental parlance.

Get Back Your Smile

Dentures help put back the smile on your face. Even in cases where complete dentures are required, they are made in such a way that you don’t feel any discomfort and never need to hesitate when you smile. With advances in technology and new materials being formulated, the latest dentures look strikingly natural.

Overall, new denture users need not fret too much about dentures altering their appearance drastically. On the contrary, for people with naturally misaligned teeth or teeth with odd shapes, dentures come as a great boon. Dentures are the best way to get back your original smile and be confident while at social gatherings.

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