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5 Benefits of Denture Adhesive Cream

5 Benefits of Denture Adhesive Cream

If you are a regular denture wearer you may have heard of something called denture adhesive. If you haven’t. it’s time to know a few things about denture adhesive. When you get a new set of dentures you may not feel it necessary to use denture paste to keep your false teeth in position.

Denture adhesive makes life a lot simpler for denture wearers. A denture adhesive does a great job of holding your dentures firmly in position. People using permanent dentures would prefer using denture paste for the convenience and comfort it offers. Once you have chosen a denture adhesive, which is a denture fixative cream you will find that using it is quite easy. It is safe to wear your false teeth fixed with denture adhesive even while eating. It not only helps chew food without dislodging your dentures, it also prevents foodstuffs from getting stuck in your mouth.

Here Are 5 Benefits of Using Denture Adhesive Cream:

  1. Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be very embarrassing and make you a social outcast, what with people secretly talking behind your back about how foul your mouth smells. A good brand of denture adhesive cement contains antibacterial qualities that help fight not just tooth decay and gum infection, but also helps in preventing bad breath. The dental adhesive you use to keep your dentures in position can keep your mouth fresh for several hours during the day.

  1. Protective Covering

When you use denture paste to hold your false teeth in position it also forms a protective covering, thus doing away with any discomfort or inconvenience that a clip-on denture can cause. Apart from preventing irritation in the gums, you can also prevent oral sores caused by loose dentures. The gums and tissue are protected from any bacterial infections as they are not exposed to foodstuffs you chew. Even chewing hard foodstuffs like nuts and seeds is possible, and what’s more is none of the food particles will get lodged between your dentures and gums.

  1. Firm Grip

Dentures are a great alternative for missing natural teeth. However, the problem with clip-on dentures is that they tend to loosen after a while, making it difficult to speak coherently and to eat food without any problems. Using a denture paste helps keep your false teeth firmly in position as the denture fixative cream forms a firm bond between the dentures and gums. The risk of dentures slipping off while eating or speaking is prevented, giving the wearer immense confidence.

  1. Avoid Embarrassing Slip-offs

The best probable advantage with denture adhesive is that it helps prevent accidental slip-offs of dentures which can turn out to be very embarrassing for the wearer. Also, with the bone and gum structure changing over time, the dentures tend to loosen, causing major discomfort for the wearer. Denture paste is a boon for denture wearers as it helps prevent such awkward situations by holding your false teeth firmly in position.

  1. Added Comfort

Denture wearers cannot deny the fact that using denture adhesive offers added comfort. Given the dentures are made of hard material, any movement causing mild abrasions on the gums can give a lot of discomfort for the denture wearer. Denture adhesive comes as a boon as it helps in holding the hard dentures firmly, yet gently in position without causing any discomfort. It becomes easy to bite and chew hard foodstuffs when your dentures are held firmly in position with the help of denture paste.

Denture Adhesive Also Has Some Disadvantages Like:

Zinc Poisoning

Most denture adhesives contain zinc, which is not good for the body as it is toxic in nature. Care must be exercised while choosing a denture adhesive and be sure that you choose one that does not have any zinc content and is made of organic materials.


People using denture paste need to spend extra time on maintenance. It takes time and effort fixing your dentures with denture paste. Moreover, the denture paste holds good for 24 hours or so, hence dentures must be removed at the end of the day and fresh denture paste must be used the next day.

Whatever said and done, the advantages of denture paste far outweigh the disadvantages. Today there are several brands of denture paste that are made from natural, organic products and are free of toxic petro-chemicals and harmful metals like zinc. With increased use of dentures, the demand for denture paste is also increasing steadily.

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