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Advantages of Organic Denture Adhesive Over Chemical Based

Advantages of Organic Denture Adhesive Over Chemical Based

Dentures are one of best things to happen to people who were unfortunate enough to lose their teeth. The problem is dentures are quite different from natural teeth. Dentures may be required in the upper row of teeth or in the lower row. The denture in the upper part of your mouth are OK as they will stay in position as suction holds it firmly in place. However, the denture on the lower row has no suction to hold it in place and requires strong clasps to hold it in place. The only other alternative is denture paste which fixes the denture onto the gums firmly.

What Is the Significance of Organic Denture Adhesive?

Denture adhesives offer a trouble-free solution to denture wearers who are worried about the fit and whether the dentures will come lose without warning. Denture adhesives prevent leaks and are waterproof, making them the preferred choice by most denture wearers. There are chemical-free organic denture adhesives that offer a 24-hour hold and the wearer can go about the day-to-day tasks without any worries.

It is important that denture pastes are made of natural materials (organic) and are free of chemicals like parabens or zinc. This is because these chemicals are toxic in nature and can cause damage to the tissue and gums when used continuously. Such chemical-based adhesives can also cause other health issues by mixing in the bloodstream.

It is better to go for organic denture adhesives that are non-water soluble as they free of any odor or color and offer the wearer maximum comfort. Organic denture pastes do not interfere with the taste buds in the mouth and wearers can continue enjoying unique flavor-filled foods with the taste and flavor remaining intact.

Why Is Using Zinc-Free Adhesive so Important?

People are very much aware of the risks involved in using zinc in everyday products. When zinc is absorbed in the body it tends to have adverse effects over a period. Of course, zinc is an important mineral that is required by the body, however only in small quantities. Excess zinc being absorbed in the body subconsciously affects the nerves and can lead to nerve damage in some cases.

Moreover, organic denture adhesives are 100% safe as they are made from organic products and contain medicinal substances like Aloe Vera, which is good for health. You need to be careful about what goes into your mouth as there are chances for some of it being ingested into the body. That is why manufacturers of organic denture cream take extra care to ensure that there are no toxic substances present in their products. Organic denture creams contain vegetable gums like karaya, tragacanth, xanthan and acacia, making them absolutely safe.

How Do Chemical-Based Denture Pastes Affect the Body?

The main problem with chemical-based denture adhesives is that they can cause nerve damage if the zinc content is very high. It is reported that excess zinc can also lead to bone marrow suppression and affect the spinal cord.  A report from the International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences reports that the binders used in chemical-based denture adhesives contain substances like petrolatum, mineral oil and polyethylene, which are all toxic in nature and harmful.

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