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Denture Care Products: Keep Your Dentures Safe

Denture Care Products: Keep Your Dentures Safe

Proper denture care is essential for the health of your dentures as well as mouth. For both partial and full dentures, proper and regular care must be given to keep them clean from bacteria or stains. There are many dental care products and effective methods to keep your dentures clean.

Best Ways To Care for Your Dentures

There are various methods to take care of your dentures. As far as your dentures are concerned, the most important aspect is to keep it safe without any physical damage. For that, you need to be extra careful while taking the dentures out of your mouth. Keeping a folded cloth below or standing in front of a vessel full of water will reduce the threat of breaking the dentures even if it fell down.

You should be vigilant about the food you eat during the initial days. Keep off from hard food items that might hurt your dentures until it gets comfortable in your mouth. It is also advised to brush your dentures twice a day and it should be kept moist when it is not in the mouth. It is better if you keep it in a denture soaking solution.

After every meal, try to rinse your dentures. And most importantly, your dentures should be removed from the mouth at least for a couple of hours. It is better if you can keep it off for the entire night, as keeping dentures in the mouth for a long period of time can cause oral cancer.

Dental Care Products for Your Dentures

Gently brushing your dentures with a soft bristle toothbrush is the best cleaning procedure. You can use denture cleansers such as mild dish wash or hand soap. After cleaning, keep it in water or denture soaking solution. But keep in mind that, you should clean the denture thoroughly in water before keeping it in the mouth.

Rinsing mouth with lukewarm water and massaging it will keep your gums clean and tidy. And, if you are using denture adhesive, clean any leftovers from the gum before putting the dentures back. While removing and putting back the dentures, be careful not to damage or bend the plastic or the clasp.

If you feel any loose fit, rather than trying to fix it yourself, get help from an expert. And most importantly, make sure you consult your dentist on a regular basis.

Things You Should Never Do with Your Dentures

Avoid using hard cleaning materials since those will damage your dentures. Also, the usage of whitening toothpaste and products containing bleach can harm your dentures in the worst manner. Also, stay away from hot or boiled water, as it can wrap your dentures.

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