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Dentist vs Denturist – Should I Choose a Dentist or Denturist ?

Dentist Vs Denturist-Should I Choose Dentist Or Denturist

You must choose the right tooth care, and it is absolutely essential to go to the right doctor. After all, that is where food enters our body. People with dentures are usually faced with a dilemma. Whether to go to a denture clinic or a dentist’s clinic to get new dentures, replace their dentures, or visit for a routine check-up. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know what each of these professionals do and then make an informed choice.

What does a dentist do?

In simple terms, a dentist solves all the problems related to your teeth. They have specialized in this field and have studied extensively to be able to treat patients with their teeth problems. A dentist is qualified to take x-rays, perform root canals, add fillings, extract the tooth and other such procedures.

Dentists also work with gums and can help figure out what the problem might be with your oral health. If you need a session of teeth cleaning or whitening, your dentist might be able to help you with that as well.

What does a denturist do?

A denturist is an extremely trained professional who only specializes in treating patients who need dentures. From sizing to fitting, the denturist is knowledgeable about dentures and how to fit them. Since denturists are well-trained, they can usually fit dentures within one or two sittings.

Some of the other services a denturist provides include examination, consultation, fitting of upper and lower dentures, fitting partial dentures, fitting denture implants, and repairing dentures.

Dentist v/s denturist

When you go to a dentist for your dentures, the added benefit is that they will be able to diagnose any other problems in your teeth. If they are familiar with your oral health, you can be assured that your dentures will fit well and will be made correctly. A dentist will also determine the state of your oral health, so if you do experience other teeth related problems, a dentist might be the right choice for you.

Since a denturist is a specialized professional with exclusive knowledge of dentures, they are a better choice since they are well-equipped to fit dentures in their clinic. For those who specifically require dentures at a lower cost, denturists are a great choice.

Occasionally, a denturist and a dentist might be working together in a clinic. If you need the service of both these professionals and find a clinic that has both professionals, the ideal choice would be to go to them in order to make sure your oral health is fine and your dentures are fitted properly.

In Conclusion

Both a dentist and a denturist are trained professionals. However, their area of expertise differs and that might be the deciding factor for you. Whether you go to a dentist or a denturist also depends on what their charges are and how long would you be needing you to visit their clinic.

It is also a personal choice since as the patient, you need to decide whether you need someone to examine your overall oral health or just need a professional who can help fit, repair or examine your dentures.