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Best Denture Adhesive for Lower Dentures

Best Denture Adhesive for Lower Dentures

Losing natural teeth can be quite disconcerting and make people go through severe emotional trauma. Having removable false teeth placed as replacements to the missing teeth is a reassurance, which promises restored smile and confidence.

Since there are various types of dentures and each type of denture is fitted and held in the mouth disparately, it is discretionary that false teeth adhesive to improve their fit are applied accordingly. The lower dentures known for being uncomfortable and tricky require an equally impelling denture fixative to maintain their lastingness. The adhesive for lower dentures may come in many forms including denture paste or denture creams.

Tips to keep lower dentures in place

Lower dentures are not fitted as upper dentures are. Moreover, those being prone to receding quicker require extra care when it comes to denture placement and maintenance. The first step to taking extra care involves the use of appropriate denture adhesive. False teeth adhesives are like glues to keep dentures in place and their use depends on distinctive requirements. Certain essential aspects to keep bottom dentures in place are:

Select denture fixative which provides secure hold: It is essential that the adhesive used to hold the lower dentures has the ability to hold them firmly for the due time period and is safe enough to ingest.

Opt for adhesives which have cushioning effect: It is vital to use denture fixatives which provide a cushion to the dentures such that dentures do not leave a sour effect on the gums.

Remove the denture paste completely off the dentures: It is essential that dentures are completely cleaned every night after being removed. There should be no trace of denture paste on them when they are soaked overnight.

Apply denture adhesive aptly: It is of foremost importance that the adhesive to be used with lower dentures is applied without any discrepancy so that there is no pressure in the dentures.

OlivaFix Gold for lower dentures

Lower dentures are the trickiest of the dentures and a mere flicking of the tongue can cause them to flick around. Thus, they need to be fitted and glued firmly. Out of the many denture fixatives available in the market, selection of the most optimal false teeth adhesive is the key to maintaining the bottom dentures.

One such denture adhesive, free of petrolatum, is OlivaFix Gold. It is one of the most innovative denture pastes accessible for keeping the lower dentures on hold strongly. Enabling higher retention ability, OlivaFix Gold is free of any petrol derivatives. It comprises 35% organic olive oil which is completely safe to be consumed.

OlivaFix Gold can be cleaned off the dentures with ease and it does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth, having a neutral taste. Meeting all European directives for medical devices, OlivaFix Gold is one of the best denture fixatives for lower dentures.

Sneak peak at the features:

  • Contains no zinc, parabens, and petrolatum

  • Enhanced retention ability

  • Neutral taste

  • Complies with medical derivatives

  • Completely safe

Lower dentures may be more disconcerting, owing to their location, but with meticulous care and ideal false teeth adhesive to keep them glued, one can smile and flaunt their lower dentures with pride!