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How to Whiten Dentures ?

How to Whiten Dentures?

New dentures, synonymous to shine and white, with the passing of time, may become non-lustrous and procure coffee or tobacco stains, causing anxiety bouts in denture wearers. Mercifully, one is not compelled to live with yellow and dirty dentures throughout their life, for there are some very simple stain prevention tricks. And these customized artificial replacements to natural teeth are as facile to be cleaned off stubborn stains and restored to their original colour, as effortlessly as they bring smiles to forlorn faces. Read on to learn how you can whiten your dentures.

Removal of stains from dentures

To flaunt a dazzling smile, the dentures should be free of stains and food debris stuck within their gaps. There are various whitening solutions which can be used on natural teeth to free them off coffee stains. But false teeth should be kept away from such whitening products. They contain bleach and chlorine which will destroy the metal parts of the dentures and debilitate them.

On the recommendation of a dentist, soaking dentures in a denture cleaning solution could be an ideal remedy to clean tobacco stains off the dentures. Cautionary, this denture cleaner should not comprise of brittle and abrasive products. It will remove stains without causing any damage to the dentures.

Many a time, stubborn stains on the dentures require a professional touch. Consulting a dentist and having them polished once or twice a year may rid them off their yellow stains and maintain their gloss.

Cleaning the dentures daily and removing debris as well as avoiding excessive consumption of high- pigmented food and drinks such as coffee, tomato and etc. may very well go a long way in maintaining their longevity and in stain prevention.

Home remedies for cleaning false teeth

Dentures require immaculate care and meticulously inculcated oral hygiene routine to have a prolonged life. Sometimes removal of coffee stains or tobacco stains from the dentures can only be removed with home remedial solutions besides brushing and soaking overnight.

The following home remedies will definitely keep the dentures sparkling and effervescent:

  • Clean your dentures with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda either by rubbing it on them gently with your hands or with the help of a toothbrush. Baking soda is a natural deodorizing medium for the dentures.

  • Take denture-cleaning bleach available in the market or salt and mix it with a glass of water. Remove your dentures and soak them in the prepared solution for say 15 minutes and then brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. You will observe that all stubborn stains would have vanished by then from the dentures.

  • White vinegar is another household item which removes all food debris, plaque and stains from the dentures. You will have to soak your dentures in the white vinegar solution overnight for it to effectuate in sparkling white dentures.

  • Other techniques that can be used at home for cleaning false teeth are flossing, soaking the dentures in lemon juice solution, and cleaning tablet solution.

The way to maintaining your radiant smiles lies in some simple but consistent cleaning procedures. Why not imbibe some stain prevention techniques and keep your dentures long-lasting?