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Best Way to Remove Denture Adhesive From Your Gums

Best Way to Remove Denture Adhesive From Your Gums

The liberty to remove the dentures during the night and place them the next day is a welcomed thought and immensely gratifying for denture wearers. For the dentures to be glued back on the gums at the wearer’s discretion, all that is required is an ideal denture fixative cream.

Though the denture paste provides a sense of security and a peace of mind to the denture wearers, it is unequivocally important that they are removed from the gums with the same dexterity.

Removing any residue of denture adhesive of the gums is compelling as ingestion of adhesive may cause health hazards. Moreover, denture paste stuck on the roof of your mouth can leave a bitter and sour taste unless the denture adhesive used is free from zinc and petrolatum derivatives.

Getting denture adhesive off your gums

The residue of the denture adhesive in the mouth can be tremendously irksome. Thus, it is imperative that one knows how to clean the fixative cream from the gums and keep them clean after every use of the denture paste.

Removing denture adhesive from the gums is a simple but methodical procedure which requires immaculate implementation. The following steps taken towards removing it are:

Let denture adhesive become loose: The moisture, evoked by saliva in the mouth can make denture adhesion lose. But it takes more than that to let the adhesive completely come out. Rinse your mouth with warm water and salt solution to remove the denture adhesive from the dentures.

Draw out your dentures carefully: The next step is to remove the lower dentures and then the upper dentures from the mouth after the adhesive has slackened from the gums. After removing the dentures, gargle with lukewarm water.

Use warm water and soft cloth on your gums: After a thorough rinse, take a soft cloth either dry or dipped in warm water and gently rub your gums. Rubbing your gums with a warm cloth will remove any adhesive residue left on the gums.

Brush your gums: After rubbing the gums with a cloth, brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Brushing your gums with a toothbrush not only helps to get denture adhesive off your gums, but it also provides oral hygiene and enhances gum health.

Massage your gums: Apart from rubbing gums with a warm cloth and brushing them, you can also massage your gums in circular motions to remove any leftover fixative cream on them.

After this painless and manageable oral care, the gums are free from any denture paste residue, looking forward to being placed with dentures again, the next morning. But before that, the sleep that embraces the denture wearers is free from any anxiety and any residue.

A quick recap:

  • Wash your mouth with dentures in them

  • Remove your dentures

  • Wash your mouth again with mildly warm water

  • Rub your gums with a soft cloth

  • Brush your gums like you are brushing your teeth

  • Massage your gums firmly but with a gentle nudge of the tip of your finger

  • Go to sleep soundly