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What Type of Dentures Are Best for Me ?

What Type Of Dentures Are Best For Me?

Dentures are the most convenient substitutes for missing teeth. Losing natural teeth owing to an injury, decay, or disease may cause a person to suffer from emotional anxiety and physical limitations. People seeking false teeth often find themselves confused while they are busy understanding and deciding on the type of dentures most suitable for them.

Depending on how many of your missing teeth are to be replaced, you can select your ideal dentures from the permanent dentures customized to suit your requirements. Denture wearers are often made to wear temporary dentures until the permanent ones are prepared. The most common kinds of dentures available are partial dentures, complete dentures, and immediate dentures.

Types of dentures

Losing your natural teeth may perturb you tremendously but having to decide the type of false teeth suitable for one can be equally disquieting. To gain an insight into which type of dentures are available, it is vital that the information is read ardently.

The various types of dentures are:

Partial dentures:

False teeth required to be replaced only for a few missing natural teeth are referred to as partial dentures. They are attached to the existing teeth with metal clasps and can be removed and placed back with ease.

Complete dentures:

Dentures to replace the entire set of teeth line, i.e. all upper and lower teeth are termed as full dentures. The natural teeth are removed completely and the gums are left to heal. Thereafter, complete dentures are placed in the mouth.

Immediate dentures:

As the name suggests, immediate dentures can be worn by you minutes after your natural tooth has been removed. You do not have to wait for a long measure of time for immediate dentures.

The dentist after removing your teeth may make you wear temporary dentures for a few months until the gums heal to adapt to permanent dentures.

How to determine the right dentures for me?

False teeth are recommended for patients who have lost a considerable number of teeth. Choosing quintessential dentures would require several intense discussions with your dentist and immense patience and courage at your end. The several contingent factors to assist you in determining the right dentures from the partial dentures, complete dentures or immediate dentures are:

Budget limitations: You have to work out your finances and decide on the best option.

A sense of satisfaction: It is essential that the temporary dentures which are fitted make you feel comfortable until permanent dentures replace them. Any sense of discomfort in the temporary dentures can be a warning to evade the permanent ones.

Allergic considerations: Being comfortable with the metals used to make denture plates is also important so that you do not develop any soreness in your mouth.

Dentist’s say: Even after considering all the above factors, it is your dentist who will have the final say, depending on your dental requirement and taking into account the health of your existing teeth.

To be on your way to an improved jawline and dazzling smile, it is essential that you contemplate deeply and then decide which dentures would make your face light up better.