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OlivaFix Gold Flavour Free Denture Adhesive Cream

Denture adhesives are commonly used for security reasons. Even though well-fitting dentures don’t need denture adhesive, people use it to improve the fit of the dentures. It gives you a sense of security and lets you perform your daily chores in the most carefree manner.

But, is that all? Do you think, a strong grip that holds your dentures should be the only criterion while choosing a denture adhesive? How would you feel when you end up with a metallic or chemical taste in your mouth, literally in every second? And, how bad it would be when your denture adhesive’s taste interferes with your food?!

Denture Adhesive with Zinc: What Are The Side Effects?

Usually, this metallic/chemical taste occurs due to the presence of zinc in the denture adhesive. Some researchers from Texas Southwestern Medical School published a study in 2008 in which it was reported that four of their patients, who were using denture adhesive, had an abnormally high level of zinc in their blood. This study leads to more such researches as well as news reports which evidently reported the cases of patients who suffer nerve damages because of the excessive use of denture adhesive.

A certain amount of zinc is required for the good health of any human being. But if you get too much of it you may suffer from depleted copper reserves in the body. Anyone who uses excessive denture adhesive might experience numbness and a stinging feeling on their fingers or toes in the beginning, which will eventually cause a major neurological problem such as crippling. The best way to avoid this situation is to either stop using the denture adhesive or use a denture adhesive that has no chemical additives.

Flavour-Free Denture Fixative Cream

If you are looking for a denture adhesive free of chemical ingredients and one with a longer holding period, OlivaFix Gold is the best choice for you. OlivaFix has a strong grip that holds your dentures for a good 24 hours and is natural. Its ingredients are organic and don’t contain zinc or any artificial flavors.

Instead of petrochemical ingredients, OlivaFix uses organic Olive oil. The formula used in it can have a soothing effect and promote oral hygiene. The organic ingredients (free of zinc and other chemicals) and the formula help it maintain a neutral taste all along.  This neutral taste denture adhesive will keep you free of the foul odor in your mouth and free from any nerve damages as well.

Switch to OlivaFix today itself to live a carefree, healthy life. And most importantly, enjoy your favorite food without any interference!!

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