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Denture Cream Poisoning Symptoms

Denture Cream Poisoning Symptoms

Denture wearers have started using denture adhesive to fix their dentures so that they stay firmly in position without causing any embarrassment. However, if the zinc content is higher than permissible limits, it could mean a lot of trouble for you. There are a few brands of denture adhesive creams that contain high levels of zinc. These popular brands are known to cause zinc poisoning, which can lead to nerve damage that is irreversible. Of course, there are some zero-zinc denture adhesive pastes like Olivafix Gold, which is considered ‘the best denture adhesive cement’ as it is totally free of zinc and its adhesive properties are quite high.

Dangerous Denture Creams

So, which denture adhesives are considered ‘dangerous denture creams’? It is not enough if the denture cream can be effective all day long but is very toxic in nature, causing harm to the user. People using a denture adhesive that has high zinc content run the risk of contracting hyperzincemia. This condition occurs when large quantities of dental adhesive are used over a prolonged period. Most brands of dental adhesive contain far more zinc content (23 times) than what is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, zinc is an essential mineral that is required for the normal functioning of the human body. Zinc helps in metabolizing nutrients and helps us maintain a healthy immune system and is also vital for repairing damaged body tissues. The problem starts when high quantities of zinc are absorbed, which can lead to zinc poisoning. The permissible intake is 11 mg of zinc per day for males and 8 mg per day for females. This is naturally available in foods like meat and shellfish as well as legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans. The body does not store zinc and it absorbs it from the food we eat.

Allergic to Denture Adhesive

How do you know if you are allergic to denture adhesive? Using zinc-based denture paste can cause allergies. Using a zinc-free denture adhesive fixative-cement is probably the best means to prevent allergies caused by zinc. Although the allergy symptoms are not very obvious, you should be cautious when you notice the appearance of small red bumps in the roof of your mouth.

Even if there is general redness in the mouth it indicates some sort of allergy. This is especially so if the redness appears above the dentures, as this could be caused by zinc present in the denture adhesive. The other symptoms include irritation, rashes, hives and tissue damage and the gums becoming tender. Some people may experience breathing issues as the blood pressure could drop, causing hypotension.

Organic Olive Oil Based Denture Creams

Just as the world is turning to all things organic when it comes to food choices, choosing a denture adhesive that has an organic olive oil base makes perfect sense. Organic olive oil-based denture adhesives do not contain toxic substances like zinc, parabens or artificially added colors. These substances are poisonous in nature and cause severe nerve damage, which is often irreversible. One of the most trust brands of denture adhesive OlivaFix Gold is considered the best denture adhesive fixative cement as it is organic and does not contain harmful metals like zinc or toxic petro-chemicals.